Good morning, dear readers! I just love Sunday mornings. What is better on a sunday morning than a good coffee and lying around wearing just his denim shirt? Nothing. I like these images because they seem strong and powerful, they are really expressive and emphasize my mood. Fashion is an expression of one’s inner self […]



But you fit me better than my favourite sweater. The perfect thing about autumn is that it’s the perfect time for fashion. Meaning that it’s not too cold to be completely bundled up like I do in winter days and not to hot. So, you can play with items, you can play with textures, colours and […]

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South of Italy

In September I had the opportunity to visit some cities in the South of Italy with an Erasmus + project. During the #Foodologyoung project that took place at the University of Calabria I participated in several activities that were really interesting. I was truly interested in this project because it was a great opportunity for […]

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I strongly believe that black is the sexiest colour. That’s why I even change my hair color and now I am a brunette (it is actually a really dark brown because I did not want to have a shock after changing my hair colour, but next on my list is definitely brunette, brunette). The weather […]

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